Why should we use Firefox Nightly?

      Well, you might heard of a FAMOUS Nightly build called "Firefox Nightly". Or you might have not. This article suits if you do not have any idea what the Nightly version does. Let's get started. Personally, I like Firefox because, It protects user's privacy as it is open source and the community … Continue reading Why should we use Firefox Nightly?

“CrossTheGame” Inspired by C++ and Qt

    “Cross the Game” is a multiplayer game written in Qt framework 5.5.1 with C++.  It can run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms without any issues. Most of the code base is not platform specific. The platform specific code has been nested with #if statements to make sure the program works in other … Continue reading “CrossTheGame” Inspired by C++ and Qt

A DDoS Application Made By Me

“Even the best IPS technology is only marginally effective against DDoS attacks, and it is often possible for those waging the attack to consume all available bandwidth into your network. Whether the attacker swamps your server or your Internet pipe, the effect is the same: Users are unable to access resources on your network.” (Chapple, … Continue reading A DDoS Application Made By Me