CRUEL WORLD – Poetry analysis

When I was in school, I saw many flaws with the current system which promotes the fake in every aspect. Especially, the way we look at everybody and the way we compare/assess everything and everyone. In one night I had so many thoughts flowing through me. And I knew that screaming out loud will not make any impact. Thus, made a poem on the same night and it took only 20 to 30 minutes. This is the most controversial poem I have written so far. Let me lay out the words in your head. Here it goes,

Sometimes it means everything
Orthodox statues never tell the truth
And never know
But exists

Who know? Neither I nor me
But you

Raising the Muppets through the sky
And on and from the ground
Nobody knows
But you

In an insecure religion
Raising hands against the law
Nobody cares about you
Risk-takers nor priests
But me

Whoever you are, whatever you do
Standards cannot be changed
Everyone imitating to retain as traditional
Heart yelling and screaming
The truth is there and still exists
But the tradition is the addiction

Yeah. That is it. Got an idea? Well, let me explain it as per the poet’s point of view 😋.
The first stanza describes the people (Or materialistic things) who do the fake to the society. They are not genuine, they are curated their life to express the lie in a way that it is believed to be true. But from within, they know they are lying.
The second stanza is short, but it is powerful. The reader will put the same effort to understand the two verses as much as the first stanza. This describes everyone knows they are faking it. “Who know? Neither I nor me” describes that all are not ready to accept it is a lie; but further they act on it to teach their mind that it is the truth. “But you” means they are pointing at others to reveal the truth while knowing the secret.
The third stanza describes the fake and misleading facts (called “Muppets”) are expressed in every corner, but everyone is neglecting them. They know the Muppets are fake and the Muppets are causing a negative impact on the society.
The fourth and the last stanza express the traditional beliefs are highly impacted in every person to accept the truth as the truth and the lie as a lie. What the superior says is true always. We are compelled to obey that. We could not break the rules as we are bound to the concrete facts poured to the feet from our early childhood. We could not step out of the concrete we stepped in without breaking a leg. The cost is you could not talk the truth as they are holding the most powerful shield to get the public acceptance. Even though you are the monarch, you could not break the shield as everyone is believing the majority. The shield is pure from the surface but from the inside, it is made to prevent the truth from coming out.


A photo I have taken some years back; but this paper went missing 😦


Ok, that is the explanation. You may be trying to understand what is the context. It happens everywhere. The most practical scenario is the way the politicians get escaped from the truth. That is one of the places where the sympathy occurs when the politicians do the drama in front of everyone; with of course the shield called “Religion”.

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