HealthXStream : A secured way to have a doctor meetup


HealthXStream” is a privacy oriented, fully secure, health monitoring platform where patients and doctors get connected with each other to solve non-severe health problems. There are very few software applications in the world providing consumer grade doctor meetups through the mobile phone. Even from that few, “HealthXStream”  being unique as it provides the real-time pulse rate and the temperature using the IoT devices attached to it while providing the privacy at its peak. And it is the only health monitoring application with privacy in mind which complies to the EU GDPR. It uses AWS IoT as the intermediary between the doctor and the patient. The mobile applications were developed using Android studio to execute queries directly from the hardware. MQTT technology is using to pass the messages through a secure and efficient manner where the packets have no redundant components which leads to a better optimisation based on the bandwidth available. Doctors and the Patients are the main actors where the patients could chat with the doctor, while the pulse rate/body temperature streamed. This solution is mainly targeted to people in senility and for the people who are not preferring to move outside to meet the doctor. This will address the issue of inconvenience in accessing the doctor in a senility environment where privacy and security matters.


But Why?

Through the time, the mankind is reaching the ladder through generation to generations until it finds the greatest in technology. Through the journey, many organic materials have become artificial and thus, the mankind lose their health on their journey. This is where the health diagnostics become a big business. After having many forms of health diagnostic tools available, portable consumer health monitoring systems have not come in to contact with doctors where the patient and doctor connected in real-time with privacy in mind. That is why “HealthXStream” comes in to the battle.


System Introduction

HealthXStream” followed an innovative approach to find a solution for the busy people where they could simultaneously connect with doctors and communicate them in real-time with privacy in mind. It is a simple and user friendly mobile health monitoring platform for the children to elderly. It is comprised of a heart rate/pulse monitor along with a body temperature monitor where patients can send the stream directly to the preferred doctor for the diagnosis. This helps in busy environments where the patient could not physically present at the doctor in a given time.

HealthXStream Sensors + MobileAPP
Figure 1 – HealthXStream System Demo

Moreover, it is comprised with the latest industry standards focused on technology, security and privacy. It is nearly impossible to hijack into the system as it follows strict security guidelines as it is using different security mechanisms such as Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption, usage of TLS1.2, and it is fully GDPR compliant where it becomes the first GDPR compliant Privacy Oriented Mobile Based consumer health monitoring system in the world, used AWS as the intermediary between the patient and the doctor. Have Native Android applications which is built from the best tool available from its vendor (Android Studio – by Google Inc.).



Use Cases


  • As an Emergency Medical Service

The solution provides a fast and convenient way to get contact with the doctors. No matter where the patient or doctor is, the patient can contact a doctor if the doctor and the patient have the mutual need.


  • A reliable solution to the Doctor-Patient communication with privacy in mind.

As we are living in the 21st century, the privacy becomes a big trouble in the western world where the big companies trying to understand how the people mind works on different situations and even they could trace the personal information of anyone who has used the system. However, in “HealthXStream”, privacy is guaranteed. None of the developers nor a third party would be able to trace, extract or manipulate the personal data.


  • On demand health check-up for seniors

People in senility are advised to relax more to be on the safe side. It is inconvenient to take them to the hospital to meet up a doctor as it takes much time and patience. With “HealthXStream”, the seniors can book the doctor from themselves and they could find a solution based on the diagnostics made by the doctor.


  • For people who is hesitating to meet the doctor

Some people are having the shyness to meet the doctor, for them, this is a great solution as it provides anonymous doctor channelling.


  • For the people who have no time to meet a doctor at their presence

Most of the people are busy nowadays, it is convenient to have a doctor session through the mobile phone while having the related sensor readings to effectively diagnose the condition.



Technologies Used

HealthXStream” is completely developed using the latest trending technologies in the industry. Such as AWS IoT, Lambda, IAM, CloudWatch, Arduino, Native Android development with Java, Eclipse Paho and MQTT. Used tools such as MQTT FX, Android Studio, Arduino Code Editor.

HealthXStream : AWS IOT Dashboard
Figure 2 – AWS IoT dashboard

Usage of AWS has led into a flexible developing approach where it provides many services which could be used while the development is going on. AWS has provided AWS IoT where it primarily uses MQTT and acts as the broker. The MQTT plays a huge role here by providing the core communication service for the end-users without much overhead and in a secure manner. Since it has internal rules covered up with Lambda and other services, it is easy to manage the complexity of the project where its management console gives the freedom to learn and develop at the same time. The IAM defined access keys give the best-in-class authentication management procedure. The IAM access keys are flexible to manage in this project as the real-time user count might exceed thousands of users.

HealthXStream : AWS Cloudwatch
Figure 3 – AWS CloudWatch logs view

 The reasons to choose the above technologies are, it provides the latest security and performance increments without much of a hassle. Many of the technologies are becoming obsolete as it not adheres to the cloud environment natively. AWS comes in handy where the developer gets what they need, with the best cloud solutions it has to offer.

Arduino has been chosen as the IoT device to monitor the patient’s pulse rate and the body temperature. the sensors have been connected to the Arduino Uno R3 board for the usage of gathering data from the physical body. The LM35DZ sensor is used to capture the temperature on user involvement. And the pulse rate monitor is there to capture the heart rate (BPM) of the patient. The data output is serial and thus, the data is much more accurate and needs post processing to get a meaningful output. In the Heart Rate monitor, it gives a 6-digit raw data output which streams over 100 times in a second. A breadboard has been used in addition to the Arduino Uno which helps in congested situations where the wire management is critical.

Additionally, the data output has been calibrated to filter only the human readable and sensible output whereas, in some cases the output seems rogue as the sensor is operating in serial mode. Which is why the calibration being critical for such setting.

HealthXStream : Sensors
Figure 4 – Sensors

The Mobile Application is completely developed in Android Studio which is the recommended tool for building native Android Applications. Through the testing made to the Mobile Application, 4 emulators have been used with Android Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and P beta. And a Nokia 2 and a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro have been used as the physical devices for testing. The Mobile Application is completely developed with Java as it is widely accepted and there is a broader range of communities to help on demand. Physicaloid and Eclipse Paho libraries were used to gather the data from the USB serial connection and act as an MQTT client in Android in sequent.  Adobe Photoshop has been used to make the User Interface elements in the Mobile Application.

HealthXStream : class structure Mobile App
Figure 5 – Android Mobile Application Class Hierarchy

As per Figure 5, the code base has been divided into meaningful classes and packages where the best coding practices were followed. There are separate packages called “Doctors Act” which has the relevant controllers for the doctors and there is a separate package for the Encryption Algorithms as well. The ‘mqttConnectionPackage’ has the utility classes for the use of managing the MQTT services where the NoSSLv3SocketFactory class has the methods to convert the rogue TLS1.2 made by the Android 4.4 And the “USBSerialAnalyserPackage” has the code-base related to the USB readings initiation and gathering. Rest of the classes are there to handle the Patient activities when in need.

Arduino IDE has been used to capture the readings input from the sensors. The code base has been written to convert the raw input to a meaningful output. At first, the Pins have been initiated and declared in a global scope. From there onwards, the serial readings were captured and printed a decimal output. Pulse sensor has used a library from the manufacturer of the sensor where it curates the pulse gatherings per minutes and whenever, a beat has been captured, it will print the per minute value based on the previous calculations.


Part 2 of this article coming soon….


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